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Companies around the country, from the NBA to Microsoft and everything in between, need talent that they cannot find in the United States. Multinational firms need to be able to transfer professionals to their sites in the U.S. as efficiently as possible. We need nurses and physician assistants as we just do not train enough of them here to meet an ever-growing demand. Every country needs forward thinking entrepreneurs to bring fresh ideas and create jobs.

Immigration to the United States is Compounded by Ever Changing Laws

Finding and recruiting talent is no easy task but it doesn’t begin to compare to the difficulties of bringing them to the U.S.

It’s not that our immigration laws and procedures are somewhat byzantine – though they are. It’s not that there is incredible competition for visas of many types – though there is. It’s that everything that concerns immigration to the United States is compounded by ever-changing laws, rules, and regulations.

There is a bewildering array of business visas, each with an equally bewildering set of qualifications, rules, and procedures.

Navigating any of this requires a law firm with deep knowledge, and years of experience. It requires Patricia Castillo Flanagan and Work Visa Lawyers, P.A.


Immigration Visa Through Employment

Eb-1 (a) Residence for Persons of Extraordinary Ability in Science, Arts, Education, Business or Sports. Applicants in this category must have documentation showing national or international acclaim and recognition in their fields of expertise.

EB 2 Residence for Professionals who have an advanced education degree (beyond baccalaureate), or a bachelor's degree and at least five years of experience in the profession.

EB-1C Residences for multinational managers or executives who have been employed for at least one of the previous three years by the foreign affiliate, parent affiliate, subsidiary, or branch of the US employer.

Immigration Visa Through Employment workvisalawyers
An Ever-Changing Playing Field workvisalawyers

An Ever-Changing Playing Field

Some people compare immigration law to chess for complexity. That's only correct if the rules of the chess match they're talking about change every few moves.

Immigration law, rules, and regulations can change, radically, almost overnight. In the last fifty years there have been 58 Presidential Executive Orders that dramatically changed immigration. There have been countless presidential rules and regulation changes.

As confusing as that may seem, it gets worse. Orders, rules, and regulations are held up- pending but not in effect. Over the last five years, over two administrations, there have been five changes to one type of visa alone (H-2B).

It's a rabbit hole sometimes, but Work Visa Lawyers P.A. is always vigilant, always plugged in to changes of any kind and their effects, if any, on our clients.


Work Visa Lawyers Process

Any type of business immigration can be a long, tedious road filled with potholes and pitfalls. A mistake anywhere along the way will send the application to the back of the line. Starting over again is costly in time, money, and productivity. It is a difficult and precise process. Yes, the applications and all other forms must be filled out to perfection. That, though, only happens when the right questions are asked.

Immigration law web sites are jammed with acronyms and terms like E-2, L-1A, Eb-5, and Schedule A. Intricate descriptions follow. None of that matters when you need to bring an employee to the United States. None of that matters to an entrepreneur who dreams of coming to the United States. What does matter is that your attorney recognizes that every immigration matter is unique, knows what to ask, listens and there are no misconceptions. This is the only way to get it right from the start.

Patricia Castillo Flanagan and the staff at Work Visa Lawyers, P.A. are those attorneys.

Our Clients

Our clients are companies who are looking overseas for the perfect candidate. International corporations who need to transfer a foreign national executive or manager to a site in the United States for a time. Nurses, physician assistants, and other professionals who will fill a very real need in the U.S.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and professionals, talented and successful in their countries but who need to leave for a myriad of reasons that make staying in their home countries untenable. Or have no place and are not welcomed by that society.

Our clients are successful but fear for their children’s futures.

Our clients are professional athletes, entertainers, media stars, successful artists in all mediums.

Our clients bring something special to the United States.

Immigration Visa Through Employment workvisalawyers

We Make the Process as Simple as Possible and Completely Transparent.

We Make the Process as Simple as Possible and Completely Transparent.

We cover work visa cases across the spectrum of immigration law. Our cases have involved:

E-2 Visas


H-1B Visas

National Interest Waivers

L-1A or L-1B Intra-company visas

B-1 short term commercial/business visas.

0-1 visas for persons with unique and exceptional talent

TN NAFTA professional visas for qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens.

P-1 visas to play or perform in a specific event or events.

Schedule A classification for nurses and physician assistants

Holding the USCIS Accountable workvisalawyers

Holding the USCIS Accountable

Sometimes, visa applications are misplaced. Sometimes, the government fails to consider the entire file. Sometimes, a decision is made in haste by overburdened bureaucrats. Sometimes the government unnecessarily delays a decision. Sometimes, the government acts rashly in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

When that happens, Work Visa Lawyers move to hold the government accountable. We will file Writs of Mandamus for cases that are delayed by the USCIS. We will litigate when the government's actions call for it.


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Immigration matters cannot wait. Companies need talent, multinational firms need to bring their professionals here, the nation needs nurses and physician assistants, the nation needs forward thinking entrepreneurs to bring fresh ideas and create jobs.

Patricia Castillo Flanagan and the staff at Work Visa Lawyers will help you help the nation. It is the firm's mission to help Foreign Entrepreneurs and Professionals get the visa they need to grow their business in the U.S.

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